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Common causes of retail slips and falls

Any business opening its doors to business invitees (customers, clients, vendors, and other visitors who come in for business-related purposes) must use reasonable care to maintain its premises in a safe and passable condition and free of dangerous conditions. Failure to do that can easily result in slips, trips, and falls for which the business itself is responsible.

Slips and falls: Discard your negative outlook on suing

Have you ever scoffed in suspicion over someone filing a slip and fall lawsuit? If you said yes, you are part of a very large group. At one time, and perhaps even today as well, people in Pennsylvania and other states looked at lawsuits over slips and falls as something to joke about.

Are the elderly at greater risk of slip-and-fall accidents?

To answer the question as succinctly as possible only takes one word and that word is yes. Elderly Americans are typically at a much greater risk of experiencing slip and falls, and their risk of injury in such accidents is also greater. In many cases, senior citizens are just as vulnerable to injury as small children are if a slip and fall occurs.

Why it's unwise to ignore slips and falls in Pennsylvania

Let's look at a common scenario. You are attending a dinner party at your neighbor's home. When it is time to leave, you go out the door, step on a patch of ice and end up with a knot on your head. The neighbor apologizes profusely while you pick yourself up and attempt to collect your dignity. You say that everything is all right and make your way home nursing a headache. After all, slips and falls are nothing to make a big deal out of, right?

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