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Palmer Township man guilty of 9 dangerous dog charges

Neighbors on Stonecreek Court in Palmer Township saw justice last fall when the owner of a dog that terrorized the neighborhood was found guilty of harboring a dangerous dog and eight other counts. The pit bull, Kadafi, had broken loose several times and had bitten at least two people and one dog in their driveways and yards.

Myriad risks and complications of dog bites

Even seemingly docile and domesticated dogs can still attack. The American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA) reports that there are around 4.5 million documented dog bites each year. Of those, 20 percent (almost a million) are serious enough to require medical attention. Children are the most commonly bitten, and their bites tend to be more serious than those afflicting adults, likely because children make easier targets and are often not strong enough to fight the animal off during an attack.

Are pit bulls more dangerous to humans than other dogs?

Depending upon whom you ask, pit bulls are dangerous and prone to attack or they are lovable and sweet. The truth of the matter may actually lie somewhere in between these two declarations. Research has shown that any dog can attack and bite people. It has also postulated that pit bulls raised and socialized properly may not necessarily engage in animal bites.

Are animal bites from ferrets dangerous?

The picture of a perfect pet varies from person to person. Many think the ideal animal companion is a cute puppy or a fluffy kitty. Others, however, are more attracted to snakes, lizards, rats and even ferrets. Finding the perfect pet is extremely personal and based on each person's unique interests and personality.

Animal bites: When rats bite, humans suffer

Some people really detest all types of rodents, including rats, and other people believe these creatures get a bad rap in most cases. Regardless of your own opinion about rats, you should know that these hardy animals still thrive in the United States. Whether they are pets or pests, rats that bite can bring many kinds of suffering to victims.

Dog killed in Pennsylvania: Justified shooting or animal cruelty?

While the case discussed in this blog post does not involve animal bites to humans, it is a great example of the old adage that there are "two sides to every story." Although no humans reported any injuries in this story, the case is not without victims.

Proving fault when dog owners know their pets are dangerous

Many times, pet attacks in the Allentown region seem to come from nowhere. The victims, and even animal owners, may be minding their own business when the pet bites, mauls or otherwise attacks. Liability cases involving unexpected animal bites and attacks have their own set of challenges, but what happens if the pet owner knows their animals are dangerous before they attack?

Don't ignore the dangers associated with cat bites and scratches

It is true that most animal bites or attacks involve dogs, but cats can attack, too. Fortunately, most of these attacks are minor and only result in a little discomfort. However, there are times when cat bites and cat scratches could be more serious than you may think.

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