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December 2018 Archives

Palmer Township man guilty of 9 dangerous dog charges

Neighbors on Stonecreek Court in Palmer Township saw justice last fall when the owner of a dog that terrorized the neighborhood was found guilty of harboring a dangerous dog and eight other counts. The pit bull, Kadafi, had broken loose several times and had bitten at least two people and one dog in their driveways and yards.

Motor scooter accident severely injures Allentown man, others

Earlier this month, an Allentown resident was tragically hit by two motor vehicles while riding on an electric scooter. The first car struck the man as he was riding along, which sent him flying into traffic. A United States Postal Service truck then hit the man again.

Watch out for the 4 Ds of hazardous driving

Hazards are everywhere we look on Pennsylvania's roadways. We have to contend with changing weather conditions, debris on the road, road construction, potholes, ice and snow (during the winter months) and more every time they get behind the wheel. In addition, we must deal with other drivers, watch our speed, drive defensively, and follow the rules of the road.

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