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October 2018 Archives

Common causes of retail slips and falls

Any business opening its doors to business invitees (customers, clients, vendors, and other visitors who come in for business-related purposes) must use reasonable care to maintain its premises in a safe and passable condition and free of dangerous conditions. Failure to do that can easily result in slips, trips, and falls for which the business itself is responsible.

Winter is coming to Pennsylvania: are you ready to drive safely?

The temps are cooling all along the East Coast and throughout Pennsylvania. We are well and truly in the grips of fall now, and winter will be here before we know it. Before the snow flies is the best time to review the hazards of cold-weather driving, particularly the risks often associated with car accidents.

How To Prevent Dog Bites This Halloween

Halloween provides fun and excitement for children and adults, but it can seem overwhelming to dogs. Canine companions may feel intimidated by the trappings of Halloween that seem like harmless fun to adults. Flashing lights, loud noises, frightening costumes and unfamiliar people are just a few ingredients that may prompt dogs to lash out and bite.

Minor Pennsylvania car accidents can result in major injuries

It makes sense that vehicles colliding at high speeds can cause catastrophic injuries. Did you know, though, that slow-speed crashes can still result in serious injuries? A seemingly minor car accident like a fender-bender or red light rear-end collision – even without major property damage – can easily cause harm to vehicle occupants.

Pennsylvania leading the way in projected deer strikes

A recent survey from insurance giant State Farm shows that Pennsylvania has the dubious distinction of being the state most likely to see drivers involved in a deer-versus-vehicle accident based on accident projections. Though the state is ranked third overall in projected animal strikes (including deer, moose, elk and other large mammals), the estimated 141,777 expected deer and vehicle collisions this year is the highest in the nation.

The Truly Scary Thing About Halloween: Personal Injuries

Halloween is just around the corner. This means a lot of fun: Candy, costumes and trick-or-treating. The holiday is a beloved favorite, but you must remain on the lookout for more than just impressive costumes. When enjoying the Halloween season, you should also be aware of the numerous opportunities for injuries.

Myriad risks and complications of dog bites

Even seemingly docile and domesticated dogs can still attack. The American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA) reports that there are around 4.5 million documented dog bites each year. Of those, 20 percent (almost a million) are serious enough to require medical attention. Children are the most commonly bitten, and their bites tend to be more serious than those afflicting adults, likely because children make easier targets and are often not strong enough to fight the animal off during an attack.

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