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June 2018 Archives

Are pit bulls more dangerous to humans than other dogs?

Depending upon whom you ask, pit bulls are dangerous and prone to attack or they are lovable and sweet. The truth of the matter may actually lie somewhere in between these two declarations. Research has shown that any dog can attack and bite people. It has also postulated that pit bulls raised and socialized properly may not necessarily engage in animal bites.

How can you identify fault in a pile-up or multivehicle crash?

If you have ever been victimized in a motor vehicle accident involving two cars, then you understand how complicated it can be to prove fault. Now, imagine the complexities that arise in a pile-up or a motor vehicle accident involving three or more automobiles.

Workers' comp not always the answer for a personal injury at work

Suffering a personal injury while working is not just unpleasant; it could affect your ability to function properly going forward. You probably feel comforted in knowing that workers' compensation will provide you with benefits for your injury. However, sometimes these benefits fail to make you whole again.

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