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May 2018 Archives

An unnecessary cesarean section could lead to injury or death

Most expecting moms conduct a lot of research into how to raise and care for a newborn baby. They want to keep their infants healthy and safe, especially during those first few scary months. However, it is also wise to put some effort into protecting your own health as well, and a good place to start is by researching Pennsylvania hospitals.

Whiplash: A common injury in rear-end motor vehicle accidents

Rear-end auto collisions occur every day all over the state of Pennsylvania. Often, these are minor motor vehicle accidents that do not cause serious injury. However, in some rear-end crashes, whiplash is a common outcome for victims.

What elements create a road rage or aggressive driving scenario?

One minute you are minding your own business driving home from work, and the next moment your heart is racing as another driver has taken offense and is chasing you down, trying to run you off the road. This situation shows that road rage can happen when you least expect it in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Road rage’s cousin, aggressive driving, is also common and may threaten your safety.

Are animal bites from ferrets dangerous?

The picture of a perfect pet varies from person to person. Many think the ideal animal companion is a cute puppy or a fluffy kitty. Others, however, are more attracted to snakes, lizards, rats and even ferrets. Finding the perfect pet is extremely personal and based on each person's unique interests and personality.

Slips and falls: Discard your negative outlook on suing

Have you ever scoffed in suspicion over someone filing a slip and fall lawsuit? If you said yes, you are part of a very large group. At one time, and perhaps even today as well, people in Pennsylvania and other states looked at lawsuits over slips and falls as something to joke about.

Animal bites: When rats bite, humans suffer

Some people really detest all types of rodents, including rats, and other people believe these creatures get a bad rap in most cases. Regardless of your own opinion about rats, you should know that these hardy animals still thrive in the United States. Whether they are pets or pests, rats that bite can bring many kinds of suffering to victims.

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