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February 2018 Archives

Prepare for summer with these bicycle safety tips for your family

Although it is still chilly in the Allentown area, summer will be here before you know it. Enjoying outdoor activities in warmer weather is fun for everyone and bicycle riding is popular among all age groups. However, bike riding comes with risks.

Proving fault when dog owners know their pets are dangerous

Many times, pet attacks in the Allentown region seem to come from nowhere. The victims, and even animal owners, may be minding their own business when the pet bites, mauls or otherwise attacks. Liability cases involving unexpected animal bites and attacks have their own set of challenges, but what happens if the pet owner knows their animals are dangerous before they attack?

What am I supposed to do after a crash?

A car accident can be one of the most inconvenient and frightening experiences of your life. If you suffer an injury, dealing with the aftermath can also get expensive and time-consuming. The steps you take immediately after a crash may make a difference. You and other Pennsylvania residents might feel better prepared if you know beforehand what to do once an accident has occurred.

Getting knocked down by a dog can be serious

As a dog lover, you understand that dogs are usually excited, perpetually happy balls of energy. The last thing you would expect from a dog you know is friendly is to get bitten. However, there are other ways that dogs, friendly or not, can injure Pennsylvania residents. You might not consider getting knocked over as one of them, but this is one of the most common ways, besides sustaining a bite, that you could be hurt by a dog.

Learn about the many forms medical malpractice can take

It is safe to assume that most medical providers in Pennsylvania do not want their patients to know if they have made an error during treatment. Sometimes, such a mistake does not cause any harm at all and is easily corrected. Other times, an error can cost a patient his or her life or good physical condition.

What are some common injuries suffered in a car accident?

Everyone appreciates the freedom a motor vehicle brings. You can travel wherever you wish, whenever you wish, without having to ask for a ride or take public transportation. However, as you seem to know, using automobiles can pose personal injury risks to motorists as well as pedestrians.

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