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January 2018 Archives

Why it's unwise to ignore slips and falls in Pennsylvania

Let's look at a common scenario. You are attending a dinner party at your neighbor's home. When it is time to leave, you go out the door, step on a patch of ice and end up with a knot on your head. The neighbor apologizes profusely while you pick yourself up and attempt to collect your dignity. You say that everything is all right and make your way home nursing a headache. After all, slips and falls are nothing to make a big deal out of, right?

Don't ignore the dangers associated with cat bites and scratches

It is true that most animal bites or attacks involve dogs, but cats can attack, too. Fortunately, most of these attacks are minor and only result in a little discomfort. However, there are times when cat bites and cat scratches could be more serious than you may think.

Driver faces more than 10 charges after motor vehicle accident

News reports about the adverse effects of substance use or abuse behind the wheel of a vehicle are prolific. It seems that such reports hit the headlines every day. Sometimes victims escape injury while other times the results are far more tragic.

Rules for commercial property owners regarding ice removal

In the winter, one of the most dangerous things a commercial property owner can allow is snow and ice building up around his or her property. Snow and ice increase the risk of a person experiencing a slip and fall. Slips and falls can result in much more than just a bruise. Some common injuries include brain trauma, broken bones and abrasions. 

What are some examples of medical malpractice in dentistry?

Not many people realize that dental mistakes are often a form of medical malpractice. Like doctors, dental professionals have a duty to provide care to their patients and to protect them from harm. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen when you are sitting in a dentist's chair just as easily as they can happen in other health care settings.

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