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What elements create a road rage or aggressive driving scenario?

One minute you are minding your own business driving home from work, and the next moment your heart is racing as another driver has taken offense and is chasing you down, trying to run you off the road. This situation shows that road rage can happen when you least expect it in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Road rage's cousin, aggressive driving, is also common and may threaten your safety.

You may have heard about an incident last February, in which two men were killed in gunfire at a gas station in Allentown. Witnesses claimed the confrontation escalated after one of the men's vehicle bumped another one and reportedly left the scene, before they caught up with each other at the gas station. This case of road rage is extreme, yet shows how tempers can flare out of control and people can use weapons against each other during a confrontation in traffic.

Are animal bites from ferrets dangerous?

The picture of a perfect pet varies from person to person. Many think the ideal animal companion is a cute puppy or a fluffy kitty. Others, however, are more attracted to snakes, lizards, rats and even ferrets. Finding the perfect pet is extremely personal and based on each person's unique interests and personality.

To answer the question posed above, bites by a ferret can be dangerous. However, all animal bites can be, even ones from a friendly little dog. The trick is to know when a situation is hazardous and to have a medical professional examine any animal bite wounds.

Hiring an attorney for your brain injury case

Brain injuries can result in temporary or permanent disabilities, and a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can significantly impact your life and future. If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, you should understand your legal rights.

Many people who suffer brain injuries are not aware that they have specific legal rights, especially in cases where the brain injury was caused by someone else's negligence. To understand these rights, you should consult with an attorney who has experience working with clients on brain injury cases. Here is some more information about how an attorney can help in your brain injury case:

Slips and falls: Discard your negative outlook on suing

Have you ever scoffed in suspicion over someone filing a slip and fall lawsuit? If you said yes, you are part of a very large group. At one time, and perhaps even today as well, people in Pennsylvania and other states looked at lawsuits over slips and falls as something to joke about.

We actually understand this viewpoint better than you may think. After all, we were not always injury lawyers with the knowledge we now possess. We know how frivolous and silly some may seem, but many slip and fall victims have suffered serious injuries. For example, if an accident damages a victim's head, neck, spine or back, it could lead to a debilitating and costly condition that might go on indefinitely.

Animal bites: When rats bite, humans suffer

Some people really detest all types of rodents, including rats, and other people believe these creatures get a bad rap in most cases. Regardless of your own opinion about rats, you should know that these hardy animals still thrive in the United States. Whether they are pets or pests, rats that bite can bring many kinds of suffering to victims.

Where can you encounter rats?

How can I tell if my parent is a victim of nursing home abuse?

As parents and grandparents age, their family members must make important decisions about their health and well-being. One of these decisions revolves around securing the best environment for elders who can no longer take care of themselves. Most people work full-time jobs and are unable to remain at home with an elderly or infirm loved one. Often, the only remaining option is a nursing home.

After decades of hearing horror stories about elderly injuries and deaths due to abuse or neglect in a nursing home, family members experience a lot of stress about the decision. Unfortunately, this stress often continues after finding a placement for a loved one because of the ongoing worries about abuse.

Multimillion-dollar settlement reached in toddler death case

In 2015, a Pennsylvania family lost their 11-month-old son in a medical malpractice situation that was arguably completely preventable. The parents took their son to a Geisinger Health System facility in Plains Township because the child had suffered with diarrhea and vomiting for several days.

According to the petition filed by the child's parents, the facility took nearly one full day to diagnose the boy and make the decision to have him transferred to Danville's Janet Weis Children's Hospital. The boy's condition involved a portion of the intestine telescoping into itself and is considered a medical emergency.

How to talk to a witness after a car accident

Hundreds of car accidents occur in Pennsylvania every day. In 2016, an average of 15 collisions happened every hour in the state. 

Many auto accidents result in injuries, and you may need to go to court to recover damages. One of the best pieces of evidence you can use in a court case related to a car accident is eyewitness testimony. You may have a lot on your plate in the immediate aftermath because you may need to see a doctor and talk to police, but you should also see if there are any witnesses in the vicinity someone can speak to.

Avoiding pedestrian-involved motor vehicle accidents at night

Regardless of why you choose to walk at night, we want to remind you of how to avoid pedestrian accidents. Even though many of the things we will discuss are common nature, we all sometimes give in to complacency. If you have always walked in the dark and have never experienced an incident, you may be especially prone to complacency, and that can be a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, we see far too many pedestrian-involved motor vehicle accidents. In most of these cases, the person on foot proves to be a poor match for a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds. The injuries these victims suffer are often catastrophic, taking them away from work and denying them the small and large pleasures they once took for granted.

Is a civil assault suit the same as a personal injury claim?

In most situations, personal injury claims revolve around some form of accidental injury such as those suffered in a car crash or a pedestrian accident. However, as you already seem to know, a person's intentional actions can also leave victims injured.

For example, if someone chooses to attack another person with the goal of causing injury, it is an intentional act. As it does with other types of personal injury, the law provides victims of assault and battery a way to hold alleged offenders responsible.

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