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What am I supposed to do after a crash?

A car accident can be one of the most inconvenient and frightening experiences of your life. If you suffer an injury, dealing with the aftermath can also get expensive and time-consuming. The steps you take immediately after a crash may make a difference. You and other Pennsylvania residents might feel better prepared if you know beforehand what to once an accident has occurred.

The first thing to do after you are in a collision, advises Esurance, is to get to a safe place, if you are able to move your vehicle. This may be the shoulder of the road or a nearby cross street. If your vehicle is disabled, you might want to get out of traffic and wait somewhere safe, such as a sidewalk. Call an ambulance if you or someone else needs immediate medical attention. Regardless of how minor the accident seems, you should then call the police. It is important for authorities to document the evidence and circumstances surrounding the accident, as this may help your case later.

Getting knocked down by a dog can be serious

As a dog lover, you understand that dogs are usually excited, perpetually happy balls of energy. The last thing you would expect from a dog you know is friendly is to get bitten. However, there are other ways that dogs, friendly or not, can injure Pennsylvania residents. You might not consider getting knocked over as one of them, but this is one of the most common ways, besides sustaining a bite, that you could be hurt by a dog.

Consider this scenario: You are visiting a friend, and as you are walking up her driveway, her extremely friendly Labrador retriever runs out the front door and jumps up on you for a hug. Of course, the dog did not mean to injure you, but it knocked you off balance and you come down hard on the pavement. Other types of knockdown scenarios that may happen to you or a loved one may include the following:

  • An unleashed dog is running loose at the park, and as you get in front of your dog to protect her from what could be an attack or an attempt to play, the excited dog bowls you over.
  • A playful medium-sized dog easily knocks your young child over.
  • Your parents’ little dog is always underfoot, and trips you one day while you are visiting.
  • Your friend’s two excitable dogs are running through the house not paying attention to anything in their path, and you unfortunately happen to be in their path.
  • Your spouse, a delivery man, knocks on a customer’s door, and the family's friendly German shepherd pushes him down the front steps.

Learn about the many forms medical malpractice can take

It is safe to assume that most medical providers in Pennsylvania do not want their patients to know if they have made an error during treatment. Sometimes, such a mistake does not cause any harm at all and is easily corrected. Other times, an error can cost a patient his or her life or good physical condition.

Contrary to popular belief, medical malpractice resulting in injury is not always easy for victims to identify. They may think a worsening condition or the development of additional problems is simply the result of whatever treatment they received. The list below contains three examples of medical malpractice that may go unidentified by the victim.

What are some common injuries suffered in a car accident?

Everyone appreciates the freedom a motor vehicle brings. You can travel wherever you wish, whenever you wish, without having to ask for a ride or take public transportation. However, as you seem to know, using automobiles can pose personal injury risks to motorists as well as pedestrians.

Unfortunately, the number of collisions that occur in Pennsylvania is troubling. Lehigh County alone experienced more than 500 distracted driver crashes, nearly 200 aggressive driver accidents and more than 320 drunken driver crashes in 2015. It is logical to assume many of these victims lived in or near Allentown.

Why it's unwise to ignore slips and falls in Pennsylvania

Let's look at a common scenario. You are attending a dinner party at your neighbor's home. When it is time to leave, you go out the door, step on a patch of ice and end up with a knot on your head. The neighbor apologizes profusely while you pick yourself up and attempt to collect your dignity. You say that everything is all right and make your way home nursing a headache. After all, slips and falls are nothing to make a big deal out of, right?

In many cases, yes, you are right, but sometimes slips and falls can be far more serious than you believed. Before you ignore or dismiss the incident outright, consider that your head injury may be worse than you initially imagined. As lawyers helping Allentown residents with an array of personal injury cases, we have seen how seemingly mild head trauma can turn serious and even life-threatening.

Avoiding motor vehicle accidents in inclement winter weather

So far, this has been a strange winter in terms of the weather. Storms, freezing temperatures and lots of snowfall have affected many states in America.

Pennsylvania is no stranger to inclement winter weather, and most residents know how to handle themselves when driving in winter storms. However, it is never a bad idea to refresh your memory about driving safely and preventing or avoiding motor vehicle accidents.

Don't ignore the dangers associated with cat bites and scratches

It is true that most animal bites or attacks involve dogs, but cats can attack, too. Fortunately, most of these attacks are minor and only result in a little discomfort. However, there are times when cat bites and cat scratches could be more serious than you may think.

You probably already know that animal bites involving dogs can result in serious puncturing and tearing of the tissue. While cat attacks seem less serious to almost everyone in Allentown and the rest of Pennsylvania, it is still important to understand the risks.

Driver faces more than 10 charges after motor vehicle accident

News reports about the adverse effects of substance use or abuse behind the wheel of a vehicle are prolific. It seems that such reports hit the headlines every day. Sometimes victims escape injury while other times the results are far more tragic.

On Jan. 6, just days into the New Year, an allegedly intoxicated man caused a motor vehicle accident that sent one 82-year-old woman to the hospital. At the time of the news report, no further information was made available about the victim or the nature of her injuries, but the Allentown police had plenty to say about the man who caused the accident.

Rules for commercial property owners regarding ice removal

In the winter, one of the most dangerous things a commercial property owner can allow is snow and ice building up around his or her property. Snow and ice increase the risk of a person experiencing a slip and fall. Slips and falls can result in much more than just a bruise. Some common injuries include brain trauma, broken bones and abrasions. 

A person who sustains an injury from slipping and falling in front of a commercial property can file a lawsuit against the building owner. The owner is responsible for ensuring all of the walkways and driveways in front of the building are safe. While these owners cannot prevent snow entirely, there are still actions they can take to reduce their liability, and people in the community can inform the owners of such laws if a discrepancy is present. 

What are some examples of medical malpractice in dentistry?

Not many people realize that dental mistakes are often a form of medical malpractice. Like doctors, dental professionals have a duty to provide care to their patients and to protect them from harm. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen when you are sitting in a dentist's chair just as easily as they can happen in other health care settings.

After a dental procedure, it may be difficult for patients to differentiate normal discomfort, swelling, bleeding and other symptoms from more serious aftereffects. It is always wise to contact your dentist's office to report the presence of any unusual symptoms. The following list of common dentistry mistakes may also help you identify potential problems.

  1. Medication errors: A few examples of possible medical malpractice include administering too little or too much anesthesia, failure to consider interactions with other drugs and making dosage errors.
  2. Procedural errors: Examples of procedural mistakes that are most likely to result in an adverse event include oral surgery errors, implant treatment errors and endodontic therapy errors.
  3. Diagnostic errors: Possible medical malpractice mistakes include failure to diagnose oral cancer or periodontal disease, misdiagnosing a condition and failure to refer patients to a specialist for further diagnosis.
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