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Jackknifing trucks: serious danger for Pennsylvania motorists

As a Pennsylvania driver, no one need tell you about the frustrations of sharing our mountainous roads and highways with 18-wheelers, especially when you get stuck behind one on an uphill grade and another one blocks your passing lane. Your natural tendency likely is to get around both of them at your very first opportunity and leave them receding in your rearview mirrors.

Before passing any semi, let alone two of them, on a downhill grade, however, you should know that the possibility of a jackknife increases dramatically under the following three conditions:

  1. Steep downhill grade
  2. Curve or turn
  3. Icy, snowy or wet road

Maintenance can stave off some Pennsylvania slips and falls

Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall hazards are everywhere we turn in Allentown - or in any city, for that matter.

Think about the spill on the floor in the supermarket that wasn't cleaned up properly or the icy sidewalk or raised sidewalk in front of your neighbor's home. The wet tile floor in the doctor's office caused by the umbrellas and shoes of people walking in from the parking lot in a downpour could also cause hazards.

Surgeons with poor behaviors more likely to face malpractice suit

Surgeons who have been known to exhibit poor communication skills and poor treatment of their colleagues are more likely to face medical malpractice lawsuits, a new study shows.

The Harvard University study looked at four surgery departments in Massachusetts and reviewed records from the malpractice insurance carrier they share. Researchers studied 360-degree performance evaluations of surgeons and malpractice claims against them to assess the correlation.

The 3 most common motorcycle injuries

It is the height of summer in Pennsylvania, and as a motorcycle rider, you undoubtedly are once more enjoying easy riding, the joy of the open road, and all the additional great things that the bike lifestyle encompasses. Whether you are a new or highly experienced rider, however, you need to be aware of the fact that absent the proper protective gear and constant vigilance, your chances of being seriously injured or dying in a cycle crash are upward of 80 percent

Every year, thousands of riders sustain thousands of injuries, many of them serious, some of them catastrophic, and far too many of them resulting in death. Here are the three most common injuries for which you face risk.

Pennsylvania man killed by out-of-control bus

What should have been a joyous family occasion turned to tragedy when a 52-year-old man was hit and killed by an out-of-control public bus in North Philadelphia recently.

The man was visiting with family for his son's wedding. Due to the recent heat wave in Pennsylvania, the man, his son and a woman were cooling off in an inflatable wading pool in front of the younger man's home on Frankford Avenue when the crash occurred.

Lehigh Valley residents: Don't leave a day on the lake to chance

Pennsylvania has many beautiful lakes to attract boaters who want to enjoy a day of food and fun on the water with friends.

But whether you're the boat operator or a passenger, heed this advice: Be careful.

Is nursing home abuse a type of medical malpractice?

Many Pennsylvania families must rely on nursing homes and other facilities to care for elderly relatives. This requires building trust in the members of the facility's staff. In most cases, that trust is well-founded when people see their elders thrive in a nursing home. However, sometimes that trust falls apart when a family member suffers an unexplainable injury or illness.

When a resident suffers harm through neglect or abuse in a nursing facility, the family may find justice by pursuing a medical malpractice claim. Some situations that may fall under the malpractice umbrella include the following.

  • Prescription medication errors
  • Misusing or overusing restraints
  • Infection or disease caused by unsanitary conditions
  • Dehydration and malnourishment
  • Improper or absent response to a resident's medical complaints
  • Insufficient and poorly trained staffing
  • Unexplainable broken bones and preventable bedsores

Are pit bulls more dangerous to humans than other dogs?

Depending upon whom you ask, pit bulls are dangerous and prone to attack or they are lovable and sweet. The truth of the matter may actually lie somewhere in between these two declarations. Research has shown that any dog can attack and bite people. It has also postulated that pit bulls raised and socialized properly may not necessarily engage in animal bites.

In the interest of keeping you and your family safe, it's important to look at information from both sides of the pit bull debate. However, you should know that injury attorneys serving Pennsylvania residents have handled many animal bite cases involving owner negligence in pit bull attacks. In the end, you will have to make your own decision about their capacity to attack.

How can you identify fault in a pile-up or multivehicle crash?

If you have ever been victimized in a motor vehicle accident involving two cars, then you understand how complicated it can be to prove fault. Now, imagine the complexities that arise in a pile-up or a motor vehicle accident involving three or more automobiles.

Most people living in Pennsylvania attribute multivehicle crashes with ice and snowy weather. While weather does play a significant role in pile-ups, they can still occur at any time, often without warning. In the aftermath, many involved in these crashes have no idea how the collision occurred, much less who caused the motor vehicle accident.

Tips for taking pictures at the scene of a car accident

There are numerous tips to follow after a car crash. The Morning Call recently listed some beneficial steps to take after such a traumatic event, such as staying calm, getting to a safe location and calling the police. Another step to always remember is to take photos of the scene. 

Photographs are highly advantageous when you begin to work with your insurance adjuster and attorney after the motor vehicle accident. At the end of the day, remember that it is always better to have too many photos than too few. 

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